Take your
uniforms into the future!

Take your uniforms into
the future.

Find your perfect uniform that is supremely comfortable and sustainable, and made with the smartest technology.
We at SKYPRO are changing and leading the industry through uniform-focused digital transformation.
Be a part of the journey!

why us

Passion guides us

We at SKYPRO are passionate about creating products that deliver genuine pride and comfort to professionals around the world. We are deeply committed to ensuring this for each and every employee.

Our team is obsessed with optimizing the efficacy of uniforms for our clients, whilst reducing costs and ensuring powerful simplicity for all users. SKYPRO develops sustainable and cutting-edge uniforms produced courtesy of our unique uniform digital transformation tool. You can stay focused while we take care of your professionals.


What we do

What makes SKYPRO unique?

We take care of your company’s end-to-end uniform needs, with advanced analytics and ultimate technology support for intelligent, intuitive uniform management. SKYPRO combines a cutting- edge technical team with a passion to be the most competent uniform company in the world, through ethical, practical leadership in sustainability and innovation.

  • Forward thinking Uniforms

    We design, produce and deliver elegant and functional uniforms that are the ultimate word in sustainable technology.

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  • Digital Transformation of Uniforms

    SKYPRO has developed the most advanced UMS (Uniform Management System) which optimizes your inventory at all times.

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  • Global

    We organize and deliver uniforms to your doorstep worldwide efficiently and without hassle.

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    Please feel free to access our full catalogue of eco-friendly, sustainable uniform solutions.

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SKYPRO Ecologic

A central purpose of our company is to be an active contributor to achieve the UN sustainable goals.

A series of SKYPRO initiatives are developed to activate for companies wishing to improve their carbon footprint to meet their increasingly ambitious sustainability targets. Caring for professionals, caring for enterprises, caring for the environment.
Continuous innovation has made SKYPRO one of FT1000 fastest growing companies in 2020.